Sunday, March 28, 2010

This describes my week perfectly...

I started out the morning pretty normal with giving London her daily bath etc.. but I had let her walk around in the living room strutting her bare bum & all for around two minutes or so before getting her dressed. Nothing too suspicious or out of the ordinary happened and we went about our day. Then later, I kept smelling poop so I decided to retrace her steps from earlier, just in case. Nothing was found... well that afternoon as she was napping, I decided to clean up my closet and this is what I found...
I thought... that lil' stinker!! Literally.
The moral of the story is:
No matter how "crappy" your week is, all you can do is laugh it off and keep on smiling!

Cause lets be honest, we all know it's usually out of our control anyway. I'm just secretly hoping this week isn't as full of as many suprises as last week! :)

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