Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend!

London's first easter! We had a blast.. we decided to take the long trip home to Monticello for the weekend for a little easter egg hunt in Moab and good times with the family! We had a great time although the weather was FREEZIN, to say the least! But Moab turned out nice on Saturday for the most part and we were able to take in some sight seeing at Potatoe Salad with the all the jeeps, play a little football with the boys, a little golfing and an easter egg hunt at the park! London had a great time, she just wanted to eat the eggs or suck on them the whole time.. haha too cute. Here's a few photos from our fun filled easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catch up real quick!

Okay Okay, I officially suck at this blogging on my own site.. I get it! I have been in charge of Shade's new blog so it has been taking away from my time here on my own! I apologize, but good things have been happening in mine and London's life. We are happy and healthy and that s all that really matters, right?! :) However it is snowing here today on April 15th so not only is it tax day, its snowing! c mon is that supposed to be a reward on getting our taxes done on time?! I dont think so... maybe its punishment cause I didn't get my taxes done today period.
Here's a few of our latest pics and adventures!

London got her first Wings! on our San Fran trip with aunt Marianna!
We had such a good time, here's a few of the "behind the scenes" pics you haven't all already seen! She gave mama loves the entire trip! I loved it as you can see below, we had a lot of mommy daughter time!

Her first hair clip! Her hair is getting longer, I swear! lol.