Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Touch of Good Music

I don't know about anyone else, but I LOVE music. It heals me in some way, defines me & always makes me happy. I can't be driving in the car without my ipod turned up full blast & even better, London is the same way. Oh boy, is she upset if she's in the car with no music playing in the background. But that started way back in the womb... the very first time I ever felt her kick was when I was driving in my car with my music turned up too loud & singing out of tune. There it was.. kick kick & from that moment on that's the only time I could get her moving, was to the music! Like mother like daughter they say.. Anyhow, Im always looking for new artists, downloading songs & "shazamming" away on my iphone no matter where Im at. I love all types of music & if u get me started talking about my favorites, next thing you know you'll have a full playlist copied on to a cd for you to take with you as you go.  Lol, ask any man who's been over in the past month?! Regardless, I'm pretty sure they've all left happy about it!  One of my all time favorites is Brandi Carlile. She's amazing, I love all her stuff and she's always the first one playing in my car and the first one to start off London and I's day... we turn up the music and dance away in the kitchen as we're making breakfast. This is a ritual for us, something to get us up and dancin with a smile on our faces to begin the day. Also I get to see Brandi in concert July 11th, I'm stoked and can barely wait to hear her live!  Another one of my most recent favs is Greg Laswell. His music is awesome, but one song in particular I have been playing over & over. It is called "It Comes & Goes in Waves."  I love this song for a number of reasons, mainly because its true, life does come and go in waves as does love.  Another reason, I adore this song, is because it touches or speaks to everyone differently. There is something for everyone to take,  for instance, to me, this song represents a number things.. mainly heartbreak and loss or what it feels like to be lonely in some way. Now let me tell you the great part to this song...  it also represents love and hope. A hope for something better. someone better, and a hope and comfort in knowing that you are not alone, ever.  Someone is always thinking about you in some way.  Remember no matter how hard life may seem at times, there is always hope and love and others who are there too. Dont give up on love and the hope for better, dont become bitter & tainted, we all go through hard things, we all have trials and heartbreaks, but at the end of the day, we're all still here helping one another through and becoming better people because of it. So enjoy the lyrics below & before long it'll be one of ur favs too! I'll end by saying, I hope all is well in the world tonight! Enjoy xo.

"It Comes & Goes in Waves" by Greg Laswell:
This one's for the lonely
The ones that seek and find
Only to be let down
Time after time

This one's for the torn down
The experts at the fall
Come on friends get up now
You're not alone at all

And this part was for her
This part was for her
This part was for her
Does she remember?

It comes and goes in waves, i....

This one's for the faithless
The ones that are surprised
They are only where they are now
Regardless of their fight

This one's for believing
If only for it's sake
Come on friends get up now
Love is to be made

And this part was for him
This part was for him
This part was for him
Does he remember?

It comes and goes in waves,
I am only led to wonder why
It comes and goes in waves
I am only led to wonder why
Why I try

This is for the ones who stand
For the ones who try again
For the ones who need a hand
For the ones who think they can

It comes and goes in waves,
I am only led to wonder why
It comes and goes in waves
I am only led to wonder why
while I try

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More of "The Crazy Life," starring Kim & London..

Gosh, I really need to be better at this blogging stuff! But it seems in our crazy life, I can't keep up with it and many of you are probably thinking.. busy? ur unemployed?! haha but the truth is I seem to be busier than I've ever been, running around trying to keep up with my little toddler. She is no longer a baby.. its sad and fun all at the same time! We have so much to share recently, our trip to Vancouver, BC,  Londons surgery, a recent purchase and our new future plans, but tonight I only have a few moments, so I'll just share a few pics and pieces of our recent adventures in "The crazy life of Kim and London!"
I took London to the zoo the day before her surgery to help with "the pain".. and when I say pain, I mean mama's pain of course! This is her & her cousin Cache sharing the bench
London loved the monkeys.. and they are secretly my favorite too
Riding the choo choo train! Doesn't she have the best smile?!
Hangin w/the elephant that blows water all over & makes some loud sound London was petrified of..
This is how Ness found us, after she lost us..  oh just hangin out being silly in our elephant hats. 
Camping out in our living room in "L's" new princess tent. Yes, we've done this atleast 3 times since!  
And of course.. getting to the swimming pool as much as we can!
My baby is no longer a baby.. her new bed..
This is what I did while London was gone to CA with her dad for a week, "redid" her bedroom & she LOVED it.  "cuuutttee mama cute.." all she could say when she first saw it, it was adorable to say the least.
London reading her book on her new bed, she is obsessed with it & all the owls mama "whoo whoot" she says. Cant believe how big she is getting!