Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More of "The Crazy Life," starring Kim & London..

Gosh, I really need to be better at this blogging stuff! But it seems in our crazy life, I can't keep up with it and many of you are probably thinking.. busy? ur unemployed?! haha but the truth is I seem to be busier than I've ever been, running around trying to keep up with my little toddler. She is no longer a baby.. its sad and fun all at the same time! We have so much to share recently, our trip to Vancouver, BC,  Londons surgery, a recent purchase and our new future plans, but tonight I only have a few moments, so I'll just share a few pics and pieces of our recent adventures in "The crazy life of Kim and London!"
I took London to the zoo the day before her surgery to help with "the pain".. and when I say pain, I mean mama's pain of course! This is her & her cousin Cache sharing the bench
London loved the monkeys.. and they are secretly my favorite too
Riding the choo choo train! Doesn't she have the best smile?!
Hangin w/the elephant that blows water all over & makes some loud sound London was petrified of..
This is how Ness found us, after she lost us..  oh just hangin out being silly in our elephant hats. 
Camping out in our living room in "L's" new princess tent. Yes, we've done this atleast 3 times since!  
And of course.. getting to the swimming pool as much as we can!
My baby is no longer a baby.. her new bed..
This is what I did while London was gone to CA with her dad for a week, "redid" her bedroom & she LOVED it.  "cuuutttee mama cute.." all she could say when she first saw it, it was adorable to say the least.
London reading her book on her new bed, she is obsessed with it & all the owls mama "whoo whoot" she says. Cant believe how big she is getting!  


Blonde African Americans said...

Hello Kimberly,

Tell your family hello for us, I can't believe how big Cache is and London is a doll - Arnsworth's

Anonymous said...

where did you find the owl stuff? too cute!