Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Imprint on Life

First off.. who even makes New Years resolutions and actually keeps them?! Lol I guess I dont,
anyhow, here I am again for my "yearly" blog post! :) 

Today I was working at our little family company, helping out my dad, when he asked me to take care of some papers that had been sitting on his desk for some time.  So I picked up the papers, sat down at my desk and began to work.  The first thing I noticed was the dates on these so called "papers that have been there awhile." The dates started from 1976 through 1981 and so on, 1976?!!! "Dad these have been sitting on your desk for years.. before the day I was even born!" I had given him a hard time.. talk about "being there awhile", but as I looked further I noticed the handwriting right away, it was my grandmothers. As I sat there looking at it, studying it with everything in me I began to cry. It was the strangest thing the emotions this so called handwriting was causing and then it hit me... Oh how I miss her handwriting, her hands, her laugh, her smile and everything about her! I wanted her here with me again, to just sit and hold her hand and talk about life. It also hit me, how incredible it was that this little company my family had built from the ground up, was still so successful and had been ran by my grandparents and many relatives before them, for years.  As I continued working, I also ran across my uncle Franks handwritten invoices he had ordered and wrote before he passed away. I missed them both so much, they had held these papers time and time again. I found myself putting them up to my chest as to give them a big hug.  I closed my eyes and thought how amazing it was to me that just their handwriting alone suddenly made me feel so close to them for a moment. These two people in my life were some of the best I will ever know and I was very close to both of them, being home has made me realize how GREATLY I miss them both. I always will, but today I realized that I appreciate this family company of ours just a little bit more and also our handwriting. I guess you could say it's a small "imprint", a piece of life, that you get to leave behind when you go. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ahhh, its a New Year!

I made one New Years Resolution this year and it was to blog. I'll start tomorrow.. ;)