Monday, March 15, 2010

A day in the sun!

Okay so I've officially decided.. I post more pics of my daughter than anyone I know.. facebook, blog etc. So Im sorry people maybe Im a lil obsessed but I just can't help it, she's my first and only and is getting more adorable everyday, do you blame me?!
We went to Moab this weekend and had a blast, even got sunburnt! How great is that? I am so ready to go camping I can taste it. Bring on the summer already, I mean honestly I am so tired of winter at this point. I need a lil sunshine in my life besides London everyday ;) I can hardly wait for this summer, its going to be a fun one.. camping, fourwheeling, jeeping, fishing, hiking, lake powell, swimming and some vacations.. possibly even to British Columbia! I CANNOT wait. So lets do it already Mother Nature, bring it on! Here's a few of London loving life outside.. this is a first for her you know.. let the exploring begin!

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Mike and Lisa said...

Hey Kim...I think you should brag, she is dang cute!!! Looks like you guys had a fun get away. I cannot wait for the warm weather to be here either!