Friday, March 26, 2010

Boy am I glad this weeks over!

Ok so this is our latest week of adventures..
London came home looking like this after a few hours with her dad at Chuckie Cheese! Black eye, swollen bleeding forhead and possibly a good scar now to prove it. :( It was honestly the saddest thing I've witnessed yet in her short life .. and now I get it. How sad it is as a parent to see your kids hurt or hurting! I thought .. gosh how did my parents survive us growing up? haha I dont think I will do very well seeing her hurt or sick or heaven forbid anything bad should ever happen to my baby! I m pretty sure it hurt momma just as bad if not more than her.. lol. But there is a happy ending to this sad story and through it all she is a lil trooper, happy and smiling now! I gave her a big cookie and as you can see below I think it cured the bumps and bruises from Chuckie freakin Cheese!

After the cookie with a big smile! :) just like her momma.. nothin like yummy sugar obsessions to make you feel better!
Of course the next day we just had to go out and buy her the cutest pink fourwheeler for all of our upcoming easter and summer festivities. She loves it and to say the least, that makes mom happy, nothin like seeing your child smile and laugh to cure any bad day!

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Kari said...

So sad! What happened?