Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle my lil star!

Ok I know, its been FOREVER since I've posted about all our exciting adventures over the past few months.. we've had so much going on- moved, new home, new town, we both started school and basically rearranged our whole life. Consequently, Ive been so busy I haven't got a second to blog about any of it, heck I havent even got a chance to watch, literally, ONE episode of my favorite TV shows- Greys, Office, Modern Family, Amazin Race.. the list goes on. The only thing I have time for these days regarding a TV is Monsters or Shrek, other than that, Im busy studying and playing mom so theres barely any time to jump on to my computer. Im going to do better though, so in the meantime, here's just a small post of some videos I have to share because my baby is no longer a baby....  shes talking and as smart as can be, she's turning in to my lil' "BF"! She really likes to copy mama right now as well, for instance, yesterday, I found her running from our living room to our kitchen while shouting "oh shoot" as she picked up a bowl from the table and pretended to stir it like crazy with a fork.. Ya, she's just re-inacting mama a couple hours earlier, when I had realized I left the Alfredo sauce burning on the oven burner for almost an hour as we were playing in the living room,  I jumped up and ran in to the kitchen while shouting "oh shoot!" as I was rescuing the tasty Alfredo sauce awaiting our dinner that night. But even more, her favorite thing now is when shes being naughty and I say "L, I'm gonna count to 3"... rather, before I can even begin to count, she starts counting it for me and says "1,2,3" then points her finger at me sternly and says, "time out wight now mama!"  She's also caught on to being really cute at 1am after she comes running across the kitchen floor to crawl in to bed with me... she knows if shes absolutely adorable at that hour, mama will let her stay up and/or in bed with her all night.  So thats our story these days.. shes putting mama in time out, trying to do her own hair and learning how to work me over to get whatever she wants and I think that's how you know your baby is no longer a baby!  

"L" singing Twinkle Twinkle lil Star

I found her "washing" and trying to do her own hair...
you ARE my sunshine baby girl!

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Alisa said...

Ok..so your daughter is adorable! I love the videos! Your are such a cute mommy! I remember when my girls were that age. It is so much fun. Enjoy every minute with her :)